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Jimmy Carter: National Embarrassment

Update: McCain gets its right… Ohio’s Sherrod Brown gets it wrong again Jimmy Carter is really pathetic, but what he said today tops his previous level of stupidity. I am ashamed that Jimmy Carter represents our nation in any way. There is a lot of documentation to support jimmy Carter’s total ignorance. We’ve already said […]

Obama Critics: You’re All Racists!

Thankfully, Maureen Loud has been discredited in previous episodes. So there is no reason to believe her now when she accuses someone of racism. She’s heard voices in her head before. They are usually wrong. She has even stated that lying can be endearing. She sees racism everywhere. The kooks and kool-aid drinkers love Mo. […]

President’s Coverage Promise is No Keeper

When the Washington Post starts calling the liberal President a liar, we know something is seriously wrong. Ed Morrissey has more. Other liberal publications have started piling on the liberals for making such a mess of health care. It’s time to start thinking about the next phase in the battle over health care legislation. The […]

Arlen Specter is a Fool

Arlen Specter did a bait and switch on his people today at his town hall. Arlen also tells his people that they are lucky to have him there for ninety minutes. I’m sure the people could have spoken for hours. I certainly hope that Arlen is replaced in the 2010 election. more about “Arlen Specter […]

Seniors and Health Care Reform

Hopefully, there will not be cuts in the Medicare Advantage Program, or other clauses of a health care bill that harm seniors. Senior Citizens do not deserve this, and we’ll all be there one day. Some things proposed in the House Bill are an outrage.

Linda Douglas Engages in the Worst Kind of Deceit

In a campaign of pure fraud and deceit, the White House is using the wretched Linda Douglas as its latest propaganda tool. Douglas plays her own selective clips of Obama saying, “If you like your insurance, you can keep it.” This is a total lie. With total democrat control of Washington, why is Obama having […]

July 30 Health Care Round-Up

Update: Barney Frank admits that the “public option” is the path to Universal Health Care. There’s so much going on in the health insurance/health care debate every day. I wish someone was collecting all the research and all the articles in one place. The state-run media spends the biggest part of each day obfuscating, pontificating, […]


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