Palin A-Palooza

Dr. Sanity has the same title over at today’s Carnival of the Insanities

Here it is, the largest gathering of all things Sarah Palin, a virtual Palin-A-Palooza!

Check out Stuck on Stupid!

The selection of Sarah Palin has electrified the Republican ticket, and forced the “drive-by liberal media” into a total meltdown. Currently on CNN Campbell Brown and David Rodham Gergen appear to be stupified. David Gergen has betrayed Ronald Reagan and gives embarrassing analysis on CNN. Chris Matthews (MSNBC) and Wolf Blitzer spent the late afternoon and early evening hours hypocritically talking about experience. Matthews, Todd, and Andrea Mitchell spent today trying to spin Palin as a bad choice.

We’ll try to get some video up soon. In the meantime, here are some of the best posts regarding Sarah Palin. For those of you asking who is Sarah Palin, read on…

Wizbang, Classless Obama, The Best Kept Secret, Ed Morrissey, Bizzy Blog, Sister Toldjah, AJ Strata, More from the Strata-Sphere, Michelle Malkin, This Ain’t Hell, The Old Right Daily, Olbermann Watch, Texas Fred.

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  1. Ada Kevin · · Reply

    This is a great choice for the McCain campaign!! I don’t remember a time when the Republican party was so electric! This week is going to be great, and it will be nice to have some sanity back in our lives after a week long Liberal Love In!

  2. Leary O'Gorman · · Reply

    And now pre-wedlock pregnancies are virtuous? What does this tell our teen’s! Use a condom!

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