Daily Archives: August 23, 2008

Michael Moore is a Fool

MICHAEL Moore says a top priority of the next president should be making 411 local again. “Replaced by robots, computers and way-too-happy workers in Calcutta, the 411 information system is where the real joke is . . . [It turns] your brain into a rototiller of rage,” the beefy documentarian fumes in his new book, […]

Joe Biden is an American Embarrassment

It’s easy to see why Joe Biden’s two campaigns for President were HUGE failures. Biden is angry. Biden is a terrrible speaker. Biden does not demonstrate genuine emotion. He’s a fake and a fraud, and it is painfully obvious. In his first joint appearance with Barack Obama on Saturday, Biden mangled phrases, talked too long, […]

Moses Has A Sidekick

I woke up this morning to Lee Cowan and Alex Witt of MSNBC fawning all over Joe Biden. “This is a man who commutes two hours each way to work every day. He is a true family man.” “Thirty-Five years in the senate with a lofty resume.” At 5:30am, the liberal media si working overtime. […]


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