Using Katrina to Bash Bush: It Never Stops.

The original news coverage of Katrina beginning on August 29, 2005 motivated my start in the world of the blogosphere. You’ll see some of these initial posts indicated at the bottom of this post. You can also search and look at the whole month of September, 2005, and you’ll see my outrage. Of course, two years later, the drive-by media is still using the same tired template to cover this bogus story. If the media spent half of the time investigating and reporting on Kathleen Blanco’s and Ray Nagin’s failures, the story would look a lot different. It might even resemble the truth. News Busters takes ‘em all to task on their faulty reporting. Breitbart has more.
NEW ORLEANS (AP) – President Bush commemorated Hurricane Katrina’s devastating blow Wednesday with a somber moment of silence. Across town, in a symbol of a federal-city divide that persists two years after the killer storm, New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin marked the levee-breach moment with bell- ringing.

“We’re still paying attention. We understand,” Bush said in remarks afterward.

The president and his wife, Laura, were spending Wednesday’s anniversary in New Orleans and Bay St. Louis, Miss., determined to celebrate those he said have “dedicated their lives to the renewal” of the region. But with New Orleans and the Gulf Coast far from their former selves after two years, some here think it’s the president’s dedication that should be in the spotlight.

The front page of The Times-Picayune advertised a scathing editorial above the masthead: “Treat us fairly, Mr. President.” It chided the Bush administration for giving Republican-dominated Mississippi a share of federal money disproportionate to the lesser impact the storm had there than in largely Democratic Louisiana. “We ought to get no less help from our govenrment than any other vicitims of this diaster,” it said.

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