The Bad News Seems to be Getting Under Michael Moore’s Skin

Update: The Free Market Cure Made Us Less SiCKoUpdate II: Earth to Michael: Government is Force

Yes, the bad news seems to be getting under Michael Moore’s skin. After his meltdown on “The Situation Room” with Wolf Blitzer on Tuesday, Moore made a repeat visit to “Larry King Live.” For all those of you who do not follow Larry King which is most of America, Larry had Michael on his show on June 29 after bumping him in favor of Paris Hilton earlier that week.

Michael Moore clearly displays the underdeveloped behavior and thought patterns of a spoiled child. He does not respond well to constructive criticism, and can’t even recognize the overtly friendly advice given to him by the liberal voices in the mainstream media. While repeatedly referring to socialized medicine as “free health care,” Moore refuses to acknowledge the obvious flaws in the Canadian. French, and Cuban systems. Peter Barry Chowka gives an apt description of Moore’s performance on “The Situation Room.”

On Monday, CNN viewers were treated to an unexpected and uncharacteristic smackdown as a seemingly out of control Moore unloaded on Wolf Blitzer during a ten minute-long tirade on the late afternoon daily news program The Situation Room. (Transcript here, video streams here and accessible from this CNN page.) Irked by the network’s fairly toothless fact checking report about Sicko that aired right before he came on, producer-writer-director Moore lashed out at CNN for being a tool of the pharmaceutical industry. He also said that CNN has not been critical enough of the Bush Administration Iraq war policy and he described CNN’s programming as “crap.”

Moore repeatedly accused CNN of misrepresentations, specifically of “fudging the facts,” not only about Sicko but about his previous film, the virulently anti-Bush Fahrenheit 9/11. But Moore obfuscated, misrepresented, or lied repeatedly himself, as when he said “There’s no taping with me,” meaning that he only does live broadcast interviews in order to prevent his words from being edited. (Fact: on June 29, PBS devoted its entire weekly program NOW to a prerecorded interview with Moore, obviously with the full cooperation of the subject.)

We have been searching today for the video of Moore’s liberal food fight with Dr. Sanjay Gupta on Larry King last night. We’ll post it if it becomes available.

In the meantime, you’ll want to access these links to see what others are saying about Michael Moore’s latest myth. His strident tone, factually inconsistent story telling, and radical socialist agenda have turned off even notable liberals like Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama.

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The Huffington Post Champions Michael Moore

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