Chris Matthews:Liberal Embarrassment

I know, I know: no one is watching Chris Matthews. NBC appears to be using his mega-failure “news program” Hardball (on MSNC) to audition themes for their nightly swipes at President Bush and all of his supporters. In fact, this week, they spent the bulk of their five hours of television time to repeat, reiterate, replicate and redundantly state slanderous allegations against Virginia Senator George Allen. Regardless of the veracity, authenticity, or sincerity of the charges, Chris Matthews is convinced “beyond a reasonable doubt” that there is a “pattern of behavior here,” and while he “likes Mr. Allen personally,” these baseless allegations deserve the constant stream of hot air spewing forth on the preposterous program Hardball.

Matthews started off the week with a nasty tone, and a statement that was recanted by Wednesday. Larry Sabato, University of Virginia political scientist and perpetual talking head at election time, knew Senator Allen in the 1970’s and joined in the piling on of Senator Allen by lending his credibility to the allegations.
It turns out that Sabato must have been using the wicked witch’s crystal ball, as he had no knowledge of Allen
using the “N” word. It is not clear whether or not Sabato was trying burnish his liberal credentials in a ploy for more airtime, or if he trying to join the Chris Matthews fraternity of reckless commentators.

Larry Sabato on Monday, September 25 appearing on Hardball: “Well as you know and anybody who has followed politics recently knows, he had a long love affair with the confederate flag and other symbols of the confederacy, which frankly was a bit odd for somebody who grew up in an upper middle class family with every possible privilege in southern California. It was an unusual love affair.”

“Well I‘m simply going to say that I‘m going to stay with what I know is the case. And the fact is that he did use the “N” word, whether he‘s denying it now or not. He did use it. I can‘t say how frequently he did it, but I don‘t believe him when he denies never having done it.”
MATTHEWS: But you say he used the “N” word?

SABATO: That‘s correct.

Larry Sabato on Wednesday, September 27: “I didn’t personally hear GFA (Allen’s initials) say the n-word.

“My conclusion is based on the very credible testimony I have heard for weeks, mainly from people I personally know and knew in the ’70s,” Sabato wrote today in response to those seeking the truth of the matter.

At this point, any thinking person realizes that Hardball is nothing but a slimy, gossip filled show that promotes hear-say as news, and functions as an arm of the most despicable, radical elements of the liberal party.

Matthews had a quite a whopper of his own on Monday night: “I wish they were arguing about Iraq on television every night. Unfortunately the news media—here‘s something you guys can start beating the drum on—I don‘t see the news media, especially television, covering the war anymore. And people are getting killed over there, 3,00 a month, and nobody‘s talking about it, it‘s not getting covered.”

Tuesday’s program kicked off with a hatchet job by “heavy hitter” correspondent, David Schuster: “In the hottest Senate race in the country, Republican incumbent George Allen is now facing a political death by a thousand cuts. The latest came today in the New York Times and Washington Post. But last night on HARDBALL, Virginia‘s most noted political scientist, Larry Sabato, who went to college with Allen, said Allen‘s accusers are telling the truth. All of this has kept the focus on George Allen, a former rising star in the GOP whose campaign now faces charges of racism and seems in danger of imploding.”

The above tirade by David Schuster qualifies as news at MSNBC. The outburst by Schuster has little to do with any news, and less to do with any facts. Mr. Allen’s campaign is well funded, and his support among Virginia voters is not collapsing. Moonbats Schuster and Matthews use each day to prepare their political hit pieces and spin their yarn for five o’clock eastern every day, and hope that something lands in news that someone in American might actually see.

The malicious statements continued on Wednesday and Thursday:

MATTHEWS: “Why doesn‘t he bring out character witnesses like John Warner, the senior Senator, or people, maybe African-Americans who work on his staff, maybe people who have a real long record with him, to say, he does have a good attitude? I know what the right answer might be, which is he can‘t find them.”

MATTHEWS: “Tonight we zero in what has become the fiercest, the nastiest Senate race in the country, Virginia. Tonight in a HARDBALL exclusive we bring you our interview with Patricia Waring, the former wife of Allen‘s rugby coach the year after he graduated from law school. She says that she heard Allen using the N-word at a rugby game in the late 1970‘s.”

The above statement kicked off a more than thirty minute segment trashing Allen with innuendo and overtones by a democrat party operative out to destroy Allen. The woman claims to have withheld this information in all of George Allen’s previous statewide campaigns. Matthews NEVER questioned the authenticity of the source, or the motivation of the source. This is what Matthews calls “news.”

Chris Matthews is totally disingenuous. He is an irresponsible tabloid performer. His nightly hit pieces on conservative leaders warrant the status the distinction of idiot of the week.

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  1. DonDeAgo · · Reply

    Well as everyone know knows George Allen Jr is as dead politicly as his father.
    Most everything that Chris Matthews says about Bush is true as far as I have heard. As for as the war that Bush started. Is there anybody around that still think’s that invading Iraq was the right thing to do? If there is “bring em on” I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn that I want to sell them.

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