Thoughts on the Alito Hearings…

In a conversation with a friend last night, we were lamenting the fact that it is not possible for Judge Alito to simply state that as a supreme court justice, “I will overturn the egregious decision of Roe vs. Wade and allow the issue to return the political process, and the voters of each state can make the autonomous decision.” For just one minute, isn’t it great to think about Alito saying to Uncle Teddy Kennedy, “Damn right, dumb ass, I think Roe was wrongly decided!” The resulting cheer from around the nation would rival a Wagnerian soprano holding forth at full tilt.

The nomination hearings for Judge Samuel Alito to be a justice on The United States Supreme Court have revealed more about the condition of the democrat party and the philosophy of their liberal senators than it will ever expose about Sam Alito. While the democrats were hoping that President Bush’s nominees would provide a political opening of unmatched proportions, the hearings and publicity have served the administration and the mission and view of the conservative movement as the most effective policy and political initiative of the Bush second term.

Alito has been brilliant. He is reserved without being contrite. He is fabulously articulate, and has regularly schooled Durbin, Kennedy and Schumer on the finer points of conservative, common sense jurisprudence. Rush Limbaugh has excellent analysis of Alito roasting Schumer. We at Thespis Journal have previously given detailed coverage in the famed article, “Alito is No Scalia.” Our prediction of December 15, 2005 has certainly come true. Here is an excerpt from that article.

Only time will tell what comes of this scorching issue. Will Alito get the job? Regardless of the strategy employed by the left, Judge Alito is still very likely to be confirmed. The Republican majority in the senate is counting on at least fifty of their fifty-five votes. The liberals in the senate are likely to increase the volume and intensity of their speechifying in the weeks ahead. Having failed in their harsh criticism of President Bush on the Iraq war, these shrill opponents of Judge Alito’s nomination will stop at nothing to smear Judge Alito and deny him the opportunity to serve as a member of the Untied States Supreme Court as a singular justice.

It is a shame that the democrat party has allowed itself to become the “abortion on demand protection party.” As Uncle Teddy Kennedy, Dick Turban, Chuckles Schumer and others have rambled on through their thinly disguised dogma, it has become embarrassingly obvious that the abortion issue, a right that they baselessly claim is spelled out in the constitution, is their only issue.

The first three days of hearings have been covered extensively by the bloggers. The concept of stare decisis has been featured again. This is the judicial notion that all previous decisions of the court must be granted extraordinary respect and an almost super-precedent status. The liberals want an iron-clad promise from Judge Alito that he will protect the concept of stare decisis as a consecrated irrevocability, and therefore protect all of the implications and results of Roe vs. Wade.

It is interesting to note that Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the most liberal of all of the current justices, has expressed difficulty with the affected reasoning of Roe. Further discussion of the role of Roe in this hearing, the Ginsburg hearing, and the pragmatic position to be followed by any principled conservative, everyone should read an extremely well done post at TMH’s Bacon Bits. This post, regarding the conservative position on Roe, is one of the finest blog posts that I have ever read.

For the purpose of protecting this “constitutional right” Uncle Teddy Kennedy had an outburst today while demanding a subpoena of previously unmentioned records. Senator Arlen Specter, Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee had a heated exchange with Senator Kennedy regarding his failure to observe protocol in making this demand. Even liberal “journalist” Chris Matthews referred to Uncle Teddy’s eruption today as a “high school” games. Is this the same Teddy Kennedy that Paul Begala called “smarter than the average bear” in December as the democrats planned their strategy for the hearings?

While the liberals and the mainstream media dwell upon the necessity of upholding the considerably blemished and poorly reasoned decision of Roe versus Wade, there are other great issues of significance before the court today, and there will doubtless be immense issues to be decided by the court in the future. Even Paul Begala the notorious prince of the strident liberals, said it is not advisable for the democrats in the senate to “act as if the Supreme Court is the abortion court.” The normally frantic Begala insisted that Alito has withheld critical information from the committee, while saying that Senator Kennedy is “smarter than the average bear” and that Senator Kennedy and others will succeed in discrediting Sam Alito by using a range of issues to frame his lack of suitability for the court.

WOW! Paul Begala was really off the mark! Read all about the Situation Room discussion on Friday, December 2.

In the heartland, where common sense America lives and works, these hearings show the worst of arrogant, entrenched politicians whose diet appears to be a steady dose of self-indulgent long-windedness.

Certainly, Judge Alito is well on his way to being confirmed. Kennedy, Durbin, and Schumer have simply demonstrated that their partisanship and far-left creed is more important to them than personal or professional ethics and integrity. These “gang of three” ultra liberals will never vote for any Bush nominee to the Supreme Court. As Americans, we have a right to expect more from our leaders, but as realists, we know not to.

For very detailed and highly credible coverage of the Alito hearings check out Ian’s work at the political teen. He has been there all week. Rush has excellent coverage of today’s stunt by Uncle Teddy.

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  1. The MaryHunter · · Reply

    Thank you for your kind comments and link. Coming from Thespis Journal this means a lot, especially given your own penchant for laudable writings on Alito. Great rundown… keep up the bloggy goodness!

  2. George · · Reply

    Great blog thank you for your praise of S.O.S.

  3. Buckley F. Williams · · Reply

    Great writing. Excellent links that support your case and solid assessment of the material.

    I didn’t know that about Ginsburg. Interesting indeed.

  4. Gothamimage · · Reply

    It’s all politics, on both sides. It has always been that way. Comedy sometimes.

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